Ihenry is about self-discovery. Knowing our self’s through all our emotional range. ¬†We all have a vulnerable side yet some of us seem to hide it away. We are afraid others will mock and or criticize us for being sad or fearful. We can become conflicted by it, hide it, and deny it then we can begin to be upset emotionally from it. We turn to bad habits to try to escape the emotional dissonance. ¬†Happiness has left the building.

In the last five years of my life, I have realized how dissatisfied I have become with its direction. I am not the same man I was when I first started out in life as an adult. I have grown and developed new perspectives new skills. I have been hurt and I have hurt. I have had huge highs and huge lows. I have experienced enough of life now, to create a good opinion on my direction and how it is developing.

How do I restart my life over half way through it, with a lot of apprehensions and lots of self-doubts? Especially if what I choose to do is put my perspective out there into the public domain. Talk about feeling vulnerable.

My name is Brodie Green. Henry is my cartoon into my new direction. We have a lot of mistakes to make until we get it right.

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